Hold Fast Custom Straps

The guys at Holdfast were the first to come out with a well made pedal strap or FRS - Foot Retention System. They offer a great alternative to toe clips, are fully adjustable and don't throw sparks or get destroyed if you hit them on the ground when turning a corner. Over the last few years there have been a ton of other companies coming out with their own design or knock offs of the Hold Fast foot strap yet the Hold Fast strap is still the one to beat.

To stay ahead of the pack Hold Fast has recently started cranking out custom made straps for shops, events and other companies in the industry. They recently helped us out with our Bikes Are Better initiative and also made some nice straps for our buddies at Eighth Inch (see below). Next week we plan on announcing a new Hold Fast made Fyxation FRS that will kick ass. More to follow...

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