Boombotix BB1 Now in Stock!

We are pleased to announce that the Boombotix BB1 portable amplified speaker system is now available for sale in the Fyxation Webshop. The Boombotix BB1 is a portable high fidelity speaker designed to let you and your friends listen to your music while you're on the go. Each unit has a super mega hip clip so you can wear your BB1 while you're out shredding the pow, cruising through town on your bike or simply hanging out.

The BB1 is designed to plug into to any MP3 player, smart phone (iPhone, Android...) or portable computer. The BB1 has a built in amp and comes in a ruggedized housing so this little guy can crank out the volume and take abuse. Available in 6 colors the Boombotix BB1 is available for purchase in here in our Shop. More pics and info below.

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