R.E. Load Bags

Despite a cold and damp snowy October day, the first day of the Philly Bike Expo was well attended. One booth getting lots of attention was local bag manufacture R.E. Load Bags. R.E. Load bags can be found everywhere in Philly and it's clear the have strong support in the local cycling community. Founded by former Philly couriers Roland Burns and Ellie Lums (the R and E in R.E. Load), R.E. Load is well known for their functional design and custom applique.

"The main reason that we started making our products the way we do is that one of the most important aspects of being messengers was, to Ellie and I, the level of freedom and self-expression that came with the job. While on the streets, messengers know each other by their bikes and gear. You can barely catch a few colors out of the corner of your eye as somebody zips by on another street, but you'll know who it was based off of that. We felt like it would only be a natural extension of this to allow for the same level of customization on bags."

The R.E. Load product line includes their single strap bags, double strap bags, Lockdown foot straps, and top tube pads to name a few.

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