Jeff Williams Velo Art

The first time I spotted Jeff Williams' artwork in person I said to myself "I've gotta pick up a piece.", but I didn't. After kicking myself for a couple months, I finally had a chance to make things right and picked up a few prints at the Philly Bike Expo.

Jeff catches the spirit of cycling in both his stills of legendary components and bikes, and in his compositions that manage to bring you into the world of his subjects. There is a definite emotional quality to his paintings; I'm not sure if it's the cool colors or impressionistic leaning, but Jeff's work is captivating.

Jeff began his artistic carrier with art lessons beginning at 6 years old, and clearly has continued that passion. He's also been an avid cyclist and raced on the road, so it was a natural evolution for him to combine his passions. He has a fantastic selection of his work available, reprinted on canvas, which gives them a texture that makes a perfect addition to any cyclists home or office when mounted.

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