Ziba Fremont Utility Bike

The creative group at Ziba set to task to create the ultimate utility bike as part of the Oregon Manifest competition. Built by Signal Cycles, the Fremont utility bike is well thought out to incorporate everything you need to use your bike to get around everyday.

One of the most unique features is the stow-able side car. The side car, which flips up to integrate with the rear rack, turns this stylish city bike into a cargo ready ride. While it may not be able to carry the extreme loads of Surly's Big Dummy or an Xtracycle, Ziba's creation allows you to pack a reasonable amount of cargo without the serious wheelbase of other cargo bikes.

The Fremont also features a step-through frame for easy mounting and dismounting, upright riding position and integrated LED lights.

According to Zima "The Fremont is a practical vehicle that lets regular people get around town and take care of everyday tasks without a car. It’s also a tremendously innovative one, with a unique semi-stepthrough frame, detachable sidecar and integrated cargo bags. Individually, these innovations pose new answers to some old objections about bikes as practical vehicles; together, they’re simply a beautiful piece of transport. "

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