Don't Get Racked

So, you're returning from an epic ride--you open you're garage door, and SMASH! Whether you blame your state of exhaustion or endorphin buzz you know you just got racked, and caused a whole lot of damage to your bike, probably your car and definitively you're garage. Ok, while I've never done this (knock on wood), I have plenty of friends who have, including a neighbor that recently turned a Thule Cargo Box into fiberglass shrapnel.

Heads Up System offers a system to remind you when you are returning home with gear on your rack. Place a transponder on your bike or kayak and when you approach you're garage you get an audible reminder in the car and a visual LED alert inside the garage. This system is pretty slick and much cheaper than the deductible from your insurance company-- and far better than the crap your friends will give you for smashing your ride. Check out Heads Up Systems for more detail or visit DC Rainmaker for a full review.

video via DC Rainmaker

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