Public Bikes - European Inspired Bikes

On a recent trip to San Francisco we spent an evening having drinks at 16th and Valencia in The Mission. While our primary goal was to imbibe, we were able to spend a lot of time checking out people going about their business on their bicycles. One of the things we noticed was there were a number of people riding nice looking bikes from a company called Public Bikes. Public Bikes is based in San Francisco and are known for European-inspired bikes or Dutch bikes that you see all over Europe. Upon further review, Public Bikes offers a complete line of bikes geared towards people that like to ride through town on a comfortable bike and are more interested in the journey than getting their on time.

They offer two different models of bikes - the Standard and the Classic with each model offering a Sloped Diamond Frame version and a Step Through version. Their bikes come in a number of different colors and you can configure your bike based on your height, color preference and even what additional accessories you want to add. They offer a full line of accessories including helmets form Nutcase and Bern, lights from Knog and PDW, and a mix of racks, bells and other items.

Next time you're in SF keep your eyes peeled for Public Bikes cruising around town.

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