Winter Bike Commuting

Winter has arrived and in most parts of the country it's dumping snow, sleet and rain. For those of you that commute to work, you know on days like this having the right gear is a must and it's not simply a matter of staying warm or dry. Here at Fyxation we pride ourselves on having gear that not only looks good but is designed to handle any riding conditions. One of the things we hear time and time again is that our Session 700 tire is one of the best tires on the market when things get downright nasty.

For the winter bicycle commuter the unique tread pattern of our Session 700 with it's deep directional grooves that cover the tire from bead to bead provide excellent traction and are designed to help you power through the snow, ice and water. The Sessions are available in a 700x23c, 700x28c and 700x35c depending on how much rubber you want between you and the elements.

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