14 Bike Co Online Bike Builder

Just saw this over at Pedal Consumption. 14 Bike Co. in London just launched a pretty slick online bicycle builder and to kick things off they're throwing a pretty cool contest where you can win a free bike. Check out more details here at their facebook page. Must have cost a few Quid to get this up and running. This is one of the nicest online bike builders that I've seen.

For those not familiar, 14 Bike Co. is a bike shop in the Brick Lane neighborhood in London. They stock a lot of great brands with the exception of our favorite brand - Fyxation. They also sell their own house brand of 14 Bike Co frames and forks. We're especially fond of the 14 Bike Co ESB which is a tig welded trick frame which is actually designed and built in the UK. If you're ever in London and are craving a little curry and nice bicycles, head on over to Brick Lane and check them out.

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