Handsome Cycles 2012 Catalog

In 2009 when we were at our first Interbike, I was hanging out at the booth watching people walk by and I saw someone that I recognized. It took me a couple seconds but then I realized it was my college girlfriend's buddy Jesse Erickson. Turns out Jesse was at Interbike as an exhibitor and he was introducing the world to his new bike brand Handsome Cycles.

Fast forward to 2012 and Handsome has come a long way. They have a pretty complete line up of frames and forks which now includes the Shop Bike and the Dirty Harry 29er. They recently introduced their new Bogart sealed bearing coaster brake hub which promises to come to the aid of the fixed gear rider that suddenly realizes that they wouldn't mind coasting now and then but still wants the look and feel of riding fixed.

Anyway, congrats to Jesse and his crew! Check out their 2012 catalog here on Flickr.


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