Steely HT Review: Pedal Consumption

In the last few months we've introduced 5 new handlebars and each one caters to a slightly different rider. The Steely HT bar was a bit different than the rest of our product mix but we felt that no bar company that sells to urban cyclist could claim that had a complete offering without a bar targeted to the fixed gear freestyle crowd. FGFS has evolved a ton over the years and a lot of companies have come out with parts catered to this unique style of riding. When we looked at the overall market we saw a lot of bars on the market yet after speaking to a ton of riders, we felt they were all missing a little something.

The Steely HT is a heat treated rise bar that is both light weight and strong. Heat treated 4130 Cromoly was our material of choice because it allowed us to make a very wide bar that was lightweight yet had the strength needed to meet the needs of today's riders. To get similar strength a lot of companies have added a cross bar to their FGFS rise bars but we felt that added too much weight and made the bar so stiff that you'd take a pounding after landing any decent size trick. Click here for more details and specs.

Patrick from Pedal Consumption recently requested a set of bars so he could send them out to a local Portland "shredder" Devin Tolman for a proper review. Patrick just posted the results and sent us these excellent photos taken by Jason Finn. Pedal Consumption is a must read and should be added to your favorites today! Check out the post here.

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