Pedal Nation PDX Bicycle Show Recap

This last weekend we attended the PDX Bicycle Show in Portland, OR. This is the 3rd installment of this Pedal Nation event and is our second time at the show. The show organizers Aaron and Andrea put on a great event and other than dealing with crazy vendors that think people are stealing from them (that's me - and by the way the place is safe. I'm just stupid.) they looked pretty calm running such a huge event. Hats off to them and to Portland for pulling off a great event.

We always love going to shows because it's a great chance to get out there and talk about bike stuff and a great chance to meet interesting people in the industry and to learn their stories. It was great getting a chance to meet Jonathan from and to meet the man behind the Retroshift mud proof brake/shifting system. This is not your average brifter and we wish Adam the best of luck. Not to mention, Portland is a great bike community and with over 90 bike shops in the area there's something for every cyclist in Portland.

Here are a few pictures snapped with my iPhone while at the show. Sorry for the quality.

Pic 1: Sacro Bosco Bicycle Works handmade wooden rims looking good on this Belladonna Cycles copper plated beauty. More info at

Pic 2: Retroshift brake/shifting system. More info at

Pic 3: Tree Piece Wooden Helmets from Coyle Design and Build. More info at

Pic 4: A nice build from the guys at Pure Fix Cycles finished off with our track grips. More info at

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