GripRings Silicone Grips by Spurcycle

Today is Kickstarter day here at the Fyxation blog. I was just checking out another bicycle related Kickstarter project by the guys at Spurcycle. Spurcycle is based out of San Francisco and is a start-up bike parts company that has designed a silocone grip system that they call GripRings. Basically GripRings is a series of small silicone rings that are designed to be used together to form the grip of your choosing.

Now silicone grips are nothing new and the guys at ESI have been selling Silicone grips for years. I've never ridden them but I hear they're great for all types of riding and are pretty tacky and comfortable. I don't know if GripRings is using the same type of material as ESI but their unique selling point is that you can take these small ringlets and put them together on your bars to make a grip as long or as colorful as you'd like. It's a pretty cool idea and even if they don't get funded on Kickstarter I'm sure we'll see this product brought to market. More info is available on Kickstarter or at

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