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When we were at Interbike last year we had the opportunity to meet the guys at Retrospec Bicycles. They were pretty nice guys and we've been meaning to write something about them so better late than never. Retrospec is an "urban lifestyle and fixed-gear bicycle" company based in southern California. The company was started in 2010 by a 21 year old dude named Ely Alexander. Ely must have a money tree in his backyard or some generous parents but either way, he was able to start a company that sources super cheap fixed gear bikes and parts of China and sell them here in the US. Retrospec fixed gear bikes retail for $349 and are available online and through bike shops. Now shops like to make at least a 35% margin on bikes so imagine what price the guys at Retrospec are buying them out of China for that they can still make money while selling to dealers for that price. Crazy!

They offer a complete line of fixed gear bikes, FGFS bikes and coaster brake bikes. They don't list what material their fixed gear bikes are made out of but I'm guessing they're hi-ten steel (high tensile steel) which is affordable but a bit heavy and not as strong as chromoly. A lot of people think that fixed gear bikes are dying and that they're a fad but if you're a young kid in southern California right now fixed gear bikes are like what BMX bikes were like when I was a kid. I never did more than a bunny hop on my BMX bike but that didn't matter. I still rode BMX just like these kids ride their "fixies". Anyway, while you may have never heard of Retrospec, I'm pretty sure they're selling a crapload of $349 fixed gear bikes right now.

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