Fyxation Pedal Strap Installation

Looking for a cheat sheet on installing your Fyxation Pedal Straps? We put together a short video and detailed pics to go through the installation process. No tools are required and installation takes only a couple minutes. Special thanks to Young Distractions for the soundtrack.

Tools needed
- None
Step 1: Locate Left and Right Pedal Straps
The Gates pedal strap is designed with a right and left strap to give the strap the proper angle when installed. You're straps come with a sticker labeled "left" to designate the left strap.

To determine the left from right strap without the label, look at the back of the strap. The left side of the two inch webbing is longer on the left strap.

Step 2: Locate your left and right pedals
If you're pedals are on the bike, this is easy. The right pedal is on the side of your bike with your cranks and chain (aka the drive-side). If you're pedals aren't on the bike, look at the end of the spindle. There is usually an "L" or "R" stamped on the spindle end or on the wrench flats.

Step 3: Install the lower strap.
Open up the straps and slide the thin 1 inch webbing of the lower straps through the body of the pedal. Pull the webbing all the way through the pedal.

Step 4: Align the 2 inch webbing
Once the lower straps are through the pedal, align the 2 inch webbing on the inside edge of the pedal flush with the pedal body. This helps set up the proper angle for the installed strap

Turn the pedal around and align the 2 inch webbing on the outer edge of the pedal. The webbing should be flush with the top of the pedal body.

Step 5: Attach webbing
Attach one of the 1 inch straps to the 2 inch webbing at an angle across the strap.

Attach the other 1 inch strap by angling it across both the 1 inch and 2 inch pieces. This sets up the 1 inch straps at the proper angle out of the pedal body.

Step 6: Attach the upper strap
Slide your foot in the pedal and attach the upper strap to the other straps. The strap should be loose enough so you can easily slide your foot in and out. Do not adjust your straps while riding. Stop your bike, adjust your straps, and continue on your way.

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