Sports-Vue Wearable Sports Camera

Time to get off the gold plated La-Z-Boy chair you've been sitting in the past few years GoPro. You've got a new competitor in the wearable/gear mountable sports camera world and based on what I saw this weekend they're coming in hot.

Sports-Vue is a new company based out of Salt Lake City, UT that claims they are "the affordable solution for wearable and gear mounted sports cameras". These guys make a complete line of video cameras that like the GoPro, can be worn or mounted on your gear and let you take HD videos of whatever fun stuff you're doing. Unlike the GoPro however, these guys have a complete line up of cameras designed for any budget, and not just a few high priced options. Their product line starts at $55.00 for The Widget helmet cam and tops out at $265 for the full featured 1080p HD wearable Sports-Vue 360HD that includes an LCD monitor and is scuba rated to 60 feet!

I'm a huge fan of supporting small businesses with a great product. I recommend checking out Sports-Vue if you're in the market for HD wearable camera. More info at:

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