Public Bikes: Droppin' Data

In the spirit of bike month, it seems fitting to share this positive data visualization from Public Bikes. The visualization highlights the shift towards more sustainable means of transportation, and away from the automobile, by America's young adults. One of the most interesting stats is the annual average cost to operate an automobile, almost $9000. Just imagine the stable of bikes and gear you could put together with that. Hmmm, I'll take a cargo bike, a new single speed, let's see, and throw in one of those carbon CX bikes!

San Francisco based public bikes is known for their colorful collection of neighborhood bicycles featuring European inspired bicycle design. Their collection of city and commuting bicycles range from single speed step through bicycles to 8 speed internal hub commuting bikes. Public joins a growing group of transportation minded cycling companies such as Civia Cycles and Linus Bikes, offering fresh and functional city bikes.

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