Zen Grips Coming Soon

We've seen a few posts about the new Zen Grips around so we thought we'd give them some love. There really isn't much information about this company or product on their website but they've put together a stable of so-cal FGFS riders so my guess is they're somehow involved in that scene. Apparently the grips are made by ODI here in the USA and feature a compound that is "special" to them and they have a unique tread pattern. Not too much else out there but I'm sure we'll be able to post more later.

Now we sell our own BMX grips and Track grips and know what it costs to buy your own mold and launch a grip and it really isn't that difficult to do. The tricky part is getting out there and convincing the everyday rider and more importantly, bike shops/distributors that your grips are that good and should justify the switch.

This is the only picture we could pull up on their own website showing off the new Zen Grip. More to follow...

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