Vulture Space: Better by Bike

Evan Pack's mission is clear, get more people riding bikes by making it simple and affordable. With a crew of dedicated volunteers, Evan recently opened Vulture Space, a bicycle collective, shop and do it yourself bike work space in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. This very welcoming space has all the tools you need to repair your own bike, a group of knowledgeable volunteers to teach you how to repair your bike, and carries very affordable used bikes and parts.

There are many perceived barriers that keep people from riding as a means of daily transport, and Vulture works hard to break those down. Are you worried about leaving your bike outside when you get to work? No problem, Vulture offers free indoor bike parking. Don't have enough money to buy a new bike? Covered, Vulture will tune up your old bike, or a bike you found at a garage sale, for free. Not only that, you'll get a chance to get your hands dirty and learn along the way.

Like the name implies, at Vulture Space, everything is re-used. The crew will take bikes that were long forgotten in the back of a garage and completely overhaul them. Not only bringing them back to life, but giving someone a chance to pick up a bike as good as new for a great deal. They also keep all functional parts on hand for future repairs. If a part is really beyond it useful life, it is re-used for art projects in the shop or donated to local art institutes to be born again. Evan has even extended this philosophy to used inner tubes. At Vulture Space, tubes that can be patched are repaired, tested, and then repacked for sale. For just $2 you can pick up a perfectly functional tube that even comes with a guarantee.

I visited for the first time on a Monday afternoon, and the place was jumping. There were volunteers busy helping find parts and making repairs, and continuing work renovating the once dreary space. Vulture Space is a must stop next time you're downtown. Whether you bring your bike in to do a little maintenance, or bring a bike or parts to donate, you'll enjoy the experience. To visit Vulture, or to make a donation you can contact them here:

Vulture Space (at Grand Avenue Mall)
651 N. Plankington Ave.

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