Pure Fix Kilo: Glow in The Dark Fixie

The guys over at Pure Fix Cycles just stepped it up a notch with the release of their latest bike - The Pure Fix Kilo. This isn't your average fixie. There's a paint supplier over in Asia that we came across a while back that developed a glow in the dark paint. Well it looks like Pure Fix was first to market with this point and with the release of the Kilo, Pure Fix is selling the first glow in the dark fixie. They're labeling this bike as part of their Glow Series so my guess is you'll see a few more glow in the dark bikes from them in the near future. Definitely a good way to stay ahead of State Bicycle Co, Retrospec Bicycles, Sole Bicycles, Zycle Fix, Big Shot Bikes... (almost too many to name now).

Check out the Pure Fix Cycles website for more info.

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