Sponsored Photographer Contest Winners

Whoa this was hard! When we came up with the idea for our Sponsored Photographer contest we knew it would be fun to see all the creative photos that would be entered into our contest. The fun quickly turned to concern however, when we realized that there were about 7 photographers that we could have picked as winners. This was one of the hardest things we've had to do in our last 3 years here at Fyxation and we spent countless hours trying to figure out who would win this contest.

Before we announce the winners we'd like to thank everyone that participated in our contest. You are all winners in a way in that you get to keep all the free gear we sent you for the photo shoot.

Now for the winners. The contest stated that we were going to choose 2 winners and each would receive cash, gear and a Fyxation photographer sponsorship. Well, we've added a third place to the contest because of the special work submitted by one of the finalists.

First Place - Derren Ohanian
Second Place - Scott Nogrady
Third Place - Joseph Lobato
Facebook Contest Album

Thanks again for all the hard work! In our eyes you are all now a part of the Fyxation team and we will definitely be working together again in the near future.

Photo by Derren Ohanian

Photo by Scott Nogrady

Video by Joseph Lobato

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