Fyxation 31.8 Pursuit Bar Photo Shoot

We're gearing up to officially launch our new 31.8mm Rodeo Pursuit bars next week and in preparation of the launch we've seeded a few of the bars out to some photographers we work with. The 31.8mm Pursuit bar is double butted and is light, strong and stiff and is designed to work with the larger stems that come on most new bikes. Honestly the existing market consists of bars like the Nitto RB-021 SSB handlebar that retails for a measly $105! At $43.95 the 31.8 Pursuit bar is a smoking deal and will be a great addition to any ride.

Anyway, we just got these shots from our buddy Cameron Nunez who works with the 904 Fixed crew in Jacksonville, FL and we're pumped by the work he sent us. The man behind the knuckles is Fyxation sponsored rider Kyle Smith. Enjoy!

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