Kids Fixed Gear: Pure Fix Micro Series

This morning a fixie bomb went off and I don't think a lot of people heard it but they eventually will. The crafty kids over at Pure Fix Cyles just released their new Micro Series fixed gear bikes which as far as I can tell is the first fixie that's being sold and marketed to kids. That's right. Now kids can ride the bikes that there older siblings have been riding for a while but just couldn't quite fit on. This is a big deal because fixed gear bikes have become a part of popular culture but due to the tire size that most track bikes/fixies use, they were limited to people that were over 5 feet tall. Not any more.

Instead of using 700c tires the Pure Fix Micro Series bikes use 650b wheels which are about a 27.5 inch diameter. 650b is popular in mountain biking because it is marketed as a good mix between the benefits of a 26" wheel and 29ers. In the fixed gear world this is a good idea because the smaller tire size has enabled Pure Fix to shrink their frame size without sacrificing that classic track frame geometry and has enabled them to come out with a fixie targeted to riders that are 4'3" on up. Very smart idea guys. It's no doubt that if your competitors weren't already working on their own fixie for kids, they will be now. Enjoy your head start!

The bikes they released as mini fixed gear bikes for kids are their Micro India, Micro Juliet, Micro Romeo and Micro Whiskey.

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