Bicycle Belts: Re-purposed Bicycle Tires

Feeling a little nostalgic for that old bicycle tire on your bike that you can't quite get rid of? Can't stop thinking of all the great rides you've been on and how well it's treated you? Well, Bicycle Belts out of Tallahassee, FL has got you covered. Bicycle Belts is a small rider owned business that takes old bicycle tires and turns them into one of a kind belts. Below is a great belt made for the crew over at 904 Fixed using one of our Accela tires. Nice work guys!

Here's more about Bicycle Belts from owner Tom Hellmann.

"Recently decided to use my creativity to design and produce these one-of-a-kind bicycle tire belts. Without reusing these tires, they would normally end up in a landfill, so make your statement and show your passion for cycling and the environment by wearing one. Handmade from used bicycle tires these unique belts add style to any outfit. These belts are waterproof which makes them far more durable than leather or cloth belts. With the strength of the threads, flat protection and rubber compounds found in a bicycle tire, these belts will last forever. These belts make wonderful conversation pieces as well. If you have your own tire that holds a special memory for you, maybe a race, century, tour, etc. contact me and I can make a custom belt for you."

Head over to for more info.

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