Trek District with Fyxation Mesa Pedals

Dave Bowen from DBO Bike recently posted a review of our Mesa pedals up on his blog and we thought we'd share. Dave is riding the Trek District which is Trek's all around urban commuter platform. The Trek District can be purchased a as a belt drive, 1x9 (Trek 9th District) or singlespeed (Trek District S) and even though the price points are kind of high, the Trek District is a clean and very versatile bike. Dave replaced the stock Welgo pedals that ship with the Trek District with our black Mesa thin platform pedals. Here's what he had to say:

"My Trek District featured a pair of Welgos which were small and slippery by comparison. Swapping them out for the Mesas totally changed my riding experience. It almost felt like getting a new bike."

Check out the full review at:

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