iMiNUSD - Fixed Gear Boutique

In the fast changing world of fixed gear freestyle, if you turn around for a second the bikes and style of riding change. It's not easy for most bike shops to stay on top of what riders are looking for, unless they put themselves at the center of FGFS culture. One shop that excels at this is San Jose based iMiNUSD. We had the chance to spend some time talking to the crew at iMiNUSD last weekend at the SF Bike Expo; these guys are a brand, bike shop and online hub for all things FGFS.

Blog Update: Unfortunately since we published this post in 2012 iMiNUSD has closed it's doors and the SF Bike Expo didn't have a show in 2016. Oh the times they are a changing.

With frames in stock from BreakBrake17, Specialized, SE and Leader Bikes iMiNUSD has what riders are looking for. As expected they also include the full range of parts to put together the perfect build. Whether hubs from Sadio, foot retention from Y-Not or bars from The Grime, they carry the gear to round out your FGFS build.

But iMiNUSD isn't just about FGFS, they also carry a full line of go-fast fixed gear frames and parts, including Cinelli and Pake, for riders looking lay down miles. If you're in the Bay Area, and looking for a single speed fyx, definitely hit up the crew at iMiNUSD.


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