Soul Poles: Bamboo Ski Poles

Occasionally here on our blog we'll put up a post that may seem a bit off topic for an urban parts/bicycle company but when we're not on our bikes, we do have a few other interests. One of them is skiing. My brother and I (co-founders of Fyxation) grew up outside of Detroit where there are actually a number of places to go downhill skiing. Every Saturday we got put on a bus and shipped off to a ski hill for a day of skiing with our local ski club. Our parents were stoked because we were out of their hair for a day and we were stoked because well, we got to ski all day. Those early days of skiing had a huge impact on me. So much so, that I'm writing this from my house here in Park City, UT where I plan to get my gear ready and go skiing in a few minutes.

There's a local company out here in PC called Soul Poles which makes a bamboo ski pole that we wanted to share with our readers. Their company uses Bamboo as the shaft for their ski poles and the poles are manufactured here in Park City. The product looks super cool and sounds neat but knowing that in Asia they use bamboo as scaffolding on construction sites, these things are probably durable as hell. Their company has a great message and a great product and we wish them the best of luck. Check out this amazing video about their manufacturing process that somehow only has 900 views on Vimeo. I'd love to write a review here on our site so if the guys at Soul Pole use Google Alerts and they see this post, shoot us a message :).

Soul Poles from Mike Schirf on Vimeo.

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