Gates Pedal Strap Kit Release

Over the last few years velcro pedal straps have become a very popular alternative to traditional toe clips and clipless pedals for fixed gear riders but also for commuters who are looking for a secure and adjustable form of foot retention. Because we sell both pedals and straps people are always asking us which pedals work with our straps and vice versa.

Pedals and straps go together like San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge but finding straps and pedals that work together isn't always easy. Although we have four pedals out now that work with our Gates Straps, we decided to take the guess work out of the picture and now offer our Gates Pedal Strap Kit. The Gates Pedal Strap Kit is now available for purchase from your local Fyxation dealer.

The Gates Pedal Strap Kit is available in an easy to display compact retail package that was designed with the local bike shop in mind. Available in seven color combinations, our new strap kit includes a set of Gates Pedals and Straps for only $59.95. The Gates pedal offers an impact grade nylon body, cr-mo spindle and rebuild-able loose bearing design. Our Gates straps are built from tough 2" seat belt webbing and offer secure foot retention and easy adjust-ability. The wide webbing is easy on your shoes and provides quick adjustment for a wide range of shoes that isn't available with toe clips.

Whether riding fixed, commuting or just running to the store our strap kit provides more performance than flat pedals without the hassle of clipless pedals and cleated shoes.

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