All-City Cycles Thunderdome Track Frame

We just saw that the new All City Thunderdome is in stock and shipping out to dealers so we thought we'd give a shout out to our friends at All City. All City is one of the QBP house brands that makes a complete line of bikes (geared and not) and parts that target the urban cyclist. They have a great product mix with that includes track frames, FGFS frames, their Nature Boy cross bike and the Mr. Pink road bike. The Thunderdome is their latest frameset and I believe is their first aluminum bike frame.

More about the All City Track frameset below:

We are at the core of our very heart a track bike brand, always have been, always will be. Because of that, we wanted to up jump our velodrome game, and create a full on race specific alloy sprint monster.

Enter the Thunderdome.

We've taken our tried and true Big Block geometry and adapted it to a shorter axle to crown carbon fork and alloy frameset. Because we love the lines of the old Cannondale track bikes, we went with traditional round tubing, a standard 1 1/8" headset, and to give it that AC touch, polished panels on the downtube and chainstay.

It is stiff, fast, and ready to race.

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