Wisconsin Bicycle Industry - Cog Magazine

Yesterday we were hanging out at our warehouse and our upstairs neighbors, the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, came in to pick up one of our bikes for a photo shoot they were doing on the Eastside of Milwaukee. Peter from Cog Magazine had set up a photo shoot the neighborhood that was the inspiration for our new frameset and complete bike - the Eastside. Now if you've never seen the creative work of Peter DiAntoni you're definitely missing out. Peter set up a few great shots including the one below.

The guys at the Bike Fed are working on an article highlighting the bicycle business here in Wisconsin and that was the point of the photo shoot by Peter. Besides Fyxation, there are a lot of other companies involved in the cycling industry based here in Milwaukee and in other parts of the State. Milwaukee Bicycle, Trek Bicycles, Schlick Cycles and Waterford were the bikes used in the photoshoot and they're all Wisconsin based. There are tons of other great brands with a presence here in Wisco and we're proud to be part of the family.

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