Not Just Fixed Gear Pedal Straps

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we launched our Gates pedal straps a few years ago the market for pedal straps was dominated by a few key players that got their inspiration for their products from riding fixed gear bikes. HoldFast straps, Burro Bags straps and YNOT straps are all great products that like our Gates pedal straps, are well designed and work great on a fixed gear bike. While there are similarities between these products there are also a number of differences. Our Gates pedal straps are made here in Milwaukee out of the best materials and we pride ourselves on making a high quality pedal strap that is affordable for any rider. At only $43.95 our straps are one of the most affordable high quality pedal straps on the market.

One of the things we've noticed over time though has been that while our Gates pedal straps are great for riding fixed gear, they also make a great alternative to traditional toe clips, cages and straps. Whether your commuting to work or simply going out for a ride with friends, the ability to quickly adjust the straps depending on what shoe your wearing make the Gates pedal strap an ideal foot retention system for any style of rider. You don't have to have a "fixie" to use our straps.

Over time we've added our Gates Pedal Strap Kits and Gates Slim Kits to make it even easier to buy a set of pedals and straps. Rather than having to guess which straps work with your pedals, the Gates Kits are designed to make it easy to get up and running a nice wide platform pedal with straps and prices start at only $59.95.

Use Coupon Code STRAPPED for 15% off any of our pedals, pedal straps and strap kits!

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January 27, 2014

Will these straps fit any pedal?
I have an Oma Dutch style bike from Work Cycles. It has very basic rubber pedals.
Thank you

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