The BikeSpike Gets Funded

Even though there are a lot of haters out there I think Kickstarter is an awesome idea for many reasons. First of all banks suck and you don't want to have to sell your soul to an "angel" to get funding to get a company or product off the ground. A lot of the companies that go on Kickstarter fully plan on going into production regardless of their funding success but use it as a way to pre-sell a ton of gear and "kickstart" their company. It's also a PR machine and a great way to get your company quick attention on a global scale.

Anyway, a very cool product called the BikeSpike just got funded and we thought we'd give them some love here on our blog. Bicycle theft is a huge problem and bikes are very rarely recovered in the condition that they were in when they were "jacked". The BikeSpike is basically like a LoJack system for bikes and let's you and the fuzz find your bike quickly after it gets stolen. BikeSpike lets you track your bike in case of theft but also use it like Strava to record your rides and even to alert family/friends if you wreck. To get super geek they even have an open API that allows other hackers/developers to build useful apps around this product. It's a pretty cool product and it just made it's $150K funding goal by raising $152,000. Great job guys. Good luck with your new venture.

The BikeSpike from Bike Spike on Vimeo.

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