Quiver Frameset: Removable Derailleur Hanger

We just received our first shipment of Quiver framesets last week. While we plan on officially releasing them next week we wanted to put up a few blog posts discussing some of the unique features that the Quiver offers. This post will focus on our innovative removable derailleur hanger.

When we set out to launch the Quiver we wanted this frameset to be super versatile so that many types of riders and shops could build up their perfect bike using the Quiver as the foundation. We wanted the Quiver to be able to be run as a single speed bike, internally geared bike or geared bike and we wanted it to look right regardless of how you built it up. When we say "right" we mean that as a single speed we didn't want to have unnecessary cable mounts or derailleur hangers on the frame when obviously they weren't needed. Now there are lots of framesets on the market that have wide enough rear spacing (Quiver runs 132.5) to accommodate gears or a wider single speed hub, but none of them have the clean look of the Quiver.

To maintain the clean look of a singlespeed bike, the Quiver has a horizontal rear dropout. Now this is great when running as a singlespeed or fixed gear bike but what happens when you want to run the bike with gears? This is where our removable derailleur hanger comes into play. We designed a removable hanger that slides into the horizontal dropout. Once you've mounted your rear wheel and secured it to the bike, the hanger stays in place and allows you to easily add your rear derailleur. This is great if you ride single speed and geared at different times of year like a lot of us folks up north do. It's also great if you like the idea of starting off with a single speed bike but realize that your needs may change down the road. With the Quiver its a quick conversion that can turn this frameset into a geared bike, hence the name. Instead of having to buy a ton of bikes to meet your needs, the Quiver has you covered.

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Scott Nicols
Scott Nicols

October 20, 2014

How do I go about getting this removable derailleur that I see on your site.

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