Quiver Frameset: Removable Cable Stops

We just received our first shipment of Quiver framesets last week. While we plan on officially releasing them next week we wanted to put up a few blog posts discussing some of the unique features that the Quiver offers. This post will focus on our innovative removable cable stops.

One of our favorite features of our new Quiver frameset are the removable cable stops that we include with each frameset. The Quiver is a super versatile frameset that can be built up as as a singlespeed, geared or internally geared bike. While there are other frames on the market that can be built up like the Quiver, none of them address one of the biggest challenges there is to producing a truly clean looking build regardless of the set up; getting rid of those unused cable stops. Other frame manufacturers build all of their cable stops into their frame so you have the necessary stops for your 2x10 build when you need but unfortunately those stops are welded onto the frame. This means if you have it built up as a singlespeed, internal geared of 1x10 there are unused cable stops that end up taking away from the overall look of the build.

Each Quiver frameset ships with our removable derailleur hanger and 5 removable cable stops and 1 removable cable guide. 2 stops are designed for the top tube for your break cables, 2 stops on the downtube for your front and rear derailleur cable housing and 1 on the chainstay for your rear derailleur. We've also included 1 removable cable guide underneath the bottom bracket. The end result is a simple innovation that we're certain will be copied by others. Whether the Quiver is your first singlespeed frameset or you plan on building this up as a sweet 2x10 commuter, the Quiver was designed with your build in mind. What's in your Quiver?

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