Fixie Parts

The other day we got a phone call from a customer that was looking for some cool fixie parts and thought he'd reach out to Fyxation. While as a company we try to emphasize that our focus is on urban cycling which encompasses a broad range of cyclists, our name is Fyxation and well, we do have some great fixed gear bike parts.

The customer on the phone wanted to know what parts he would recommend for the new fixie he just bought. He probably purchased a Pure Fix, Retrospec, Critical Cycles... (insert cheap fixie name of your choice) and realized that the parts that come on these builds are stock parts from China and are pretty poorly made. By the end of the call we had set him up with our Rodeo Pursuit bars, Gates Slim pedals with Straps and our Pilot Saddle. He really wanted the bike to look like our new Eastside complete bike and he realized after the call that the total cost of his cheap fixie with our quality parts was about the same as what we retail the Eastside for. Lesson learned.

Anyway, whether you're in the market for fixie parts, fixed gear frames, fixed gear parts, fixed gear handlebars, single speed bike parts or you're simply looking for some quality yet affordable upgrades to your current ride, Fyxation has you covered.

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