Fixed Gear Beer and Fyxation Bikes

One of the great things about living in a city like Milwaukee is getting to know the local companies that make great products and really remind you why it's cool to live where you do.  These are the companies that remind you of home when you've been away and are the first places you visit when you come back.

One of those local companies here in Milwaukee is Lakefront Brewery.  Lakefront Brewery is a craft brewery that makes a great product and has an excellent selection of tasty beers for any beer drinker.  They have an awesome brewery tour and tasting room and their beers are available all over the state.  Even though they're local here in Milwaukee, they've really expanded their presence in the last few years and their beer is now available in 36 states and in a few places in Japan and Australia.  Not to mention they make one of our favorite beers Fixed Gear American Red Ale.

To celebrate our love of bikes, beers and Wisconsin we've partnered with Lakefront brewery and will be giving away two of our brand new Eastside complete bikes this year at the Wisconsin State Fair.  Like any state fair, the Wisconsin State Fair has it's mix of deep fried "insert name of things that shouldn't be deep fried" and beer.  Lakefront beers are available in the two main beer tents at the State Fair this year and Fyxation bikes will be on display the entire fair. If you're here in Wisconsin, head on over the State Fair now through August 11th, look for Lakefront beer being served and enter to win one of our bikes. Good luck!

Oh yeah, we almost forgot.  If you can't make it to the fair and pick up one of our promo cards, simply enter coupon code LAKEFRONT at checkout on our online shop and get 15% off your purchase through August 11th. 






September 06, 2013

Is that a custom sixer holder, please build that and I’ll be the first one go purchase said sixer holder

Ralph Branch
Ralph Branch

August 02, 2013

aahhh, no online entries? please?

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