Redline Strider Push Bike

We just saw an article on that Redline has partnered with Strider Bikes to make a custom Redline pushbike.  While this post may seem completely irrelevant, push bikes are actually very important to the founders over here at Fyxation.  The reason is that both my brother and I have young kid and both of them learned how to ride a bike after figuring out their balance on a Strider.  It's really amazing how easy it is for a kid to learn how to balance on a bike by pushing themselves around.  Eventually they get a little faster and start to lift their feet. The next thing you know they have all the skills needed to balance on a bike.  Once you work in a little time on the big wheel and a bike with training wheels to teach them how to pedal, they're ready to ride.

While the partnership of Redline is a great idea and will surely sell tons of balance bikes, we here at Fyxation were way ahead of the curve when it came to making a co-branded Strider push bike.  Check out Charlie's ride below.

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