Fyxation Bikes Now at City Grounds!

We are stoked to announce that the Fyxation Eastside is now available at City Grounds. City Grounds is a bike shop that has two locations in Southern California and also has a great e-commerce store. City Grounds was one of the first shops to really get behind the whole urban cycling scene that has blown up the last few years and City Grounds has grown with it. They have two retail locations in So Cal that are well merchandised shops that carry all things fixed gear and track.  Online they have a very broad offering of products by some great brands such as Linus Bikes, State Bicycle Co., Aventon, Leader Bikes, Unknown Bike Co and now your favorite Milwaukee bike brand, Fyxation.

If you're ever in Costa Mesa or Long Beach I definitely recommend you head over to City Grounds to see a great shop. If not, head over to http://www.citygrounds.com to shop their huge selection of urban cycling gear.

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