Mesa Thin Platfom Pedals in the Wild

Even though we've been in business for 5 years one of my favorite things is seeing some of our products on people's bikes in "the wild".  Today I took my family to Canyons Resort in Park City, UT for a quick gondola ride up the mountain and to do a little fall hike.  The aspen trees here in Park City are just starting to to turn yellow and it's a great time to hit the mountains before they're buried under 350" of the white stuff.



Canyons has a pretty sick single track trail system that are great for cross country, Enduro and also downhill.  A few years ago they built a terrain park that has a ton of insane features and are the types of things that I ride around and watch in awe as guys and girls bomb the course. 

Downhill mountain bikes are pretty crazy machines that at times look more like a Kawasaki than a Trek. When I see people suited up with full face helmets, neck protection, chest protectors and knee pads it reminds more of my days riding trails in Northern Michigan on my old Suzuki 4 wheeler than it does going for a bike ride. 

One of the more important pieces of equipment on these bikes are platform pedals.  Obviously when you're ripping downhill and riding horizontal to the ground on a wooden wall, being clipped in isn't the best idea.  Because of this, most riders at the park ride a mix of platform pedals that vary from basic BMX style pedals like our Gates pedals to $150 super light alloy pedals that can be about as blinged out with anodized colors as some of the bikes themselves.  Our Mesa pedals are available as with a nylon body ($48 Mesa), nylon body with replaceable pins ($60 Mesa MP) and a full alloy version with replaceable pins ($96 Mesa 61).

When we launched our Mesa platform pedals we really wanted to focus on our core urban customer but we soon found out that these pedals were being ridden as much off road as they were on.  Their balance of being a thin profile pedal that are both light weight and affordable made them the perfect fatbike pedal, downhill pedal and mountain bike park pedal. 

Anyway, super long story short I saw a set of our Mesa pedals on some dude's bike today before he was about to go rip the park at Canyons Resort and I was humbled and stoked!


Written by: Ben Ginster Google

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