Meet Your Custom Bicycle Builder

Once we dialed in our new warehouse here in Milwaukee and finally got our own workspace set up for building test bikes we realized that it would be great to give our customers the option to purchase a custom built bicycle directly from Fyxation.  For years people have been using our parts to upgrade their bikes but with our Eastside and Quiver framesets now available and with the launch of our complete Eastside singlespeed bike, we have everything you need to get a great custom bicycle built.

Unlike a lot of companies that offer custom bike builds we don't just send you to a webpage where you can tweak a few colors using an online tool and simply place your order.  We start by assigning each potential customer to a member of our team and from there we'll work with you to figure out exactly what it is you need, what your budget is and once approved, we get to work on building up your bike exactly the way you want it.

Recently Joel here at Fyxation had the opportunity to work with a few guys from Indiana that were big fans of our product and really wanted to support a small Midwest business like ours.  Joel worked with both of them to dial in their custom Eastside builds and when it was all said and done, these were some of the nicest complete bikes we've built up yet.

We normally ship bikes all over the US for $19.95 but they asked Joel if they could save on shipping by driving up and picking up the bikes at our Milwaukee warehouse.  Now I estimate that their drive was at least 7 hours and they definitely spent more than $40 on gas for the trip but this journey wasn't really about saving money on shipping.  They were stoked to come up and actually meet Joel in person, talk about their new bikes, get a tour of our little shop and then take their new bikes around for a tour of Milwaukee.  This was definitely one of our favorite custom build experiences yet and we hope more of our customers can do the same thing.

They just sent us a few pictures from their trip here in Milwaukee. Enjoy!








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