718 Cyclery Custom Bicycle Builds

718 Cyclery is a Brooklyn bike shop that isn't your typical cookie cutter bike retailer. Instead of walking into a shop stocked full of Cannondale,Trek,Giant... with sales people that aim more to ignore and intimidate rather than to help get you excited about cycling, you'll find a unique shop that focuses on their craft and your experience as a customer.  Custom builds are the rule and not the exception here at 718 Cyclery and if you live in NYC or Brooklyn we definitely recommend checking these guys out.

718 Cyclery is best known for their custom collaborative builds where they actually sit down with a customer to find out exactly what they're looking for.  This is a unique approach because most bike shops simply focus on selling complete bikes that they can sell quickly and in volume.  While they still do stock a few complete bikes like our Eastside or the All City Macho Man, 718 would prefer to get you on a custom bike that's built to fit your riding style and unique cycling needs.

Joe Nocella, the owner and operator of 718 Cyclery, recently updated their website and started promoting a few custom bike builds that they're offering as a build template for their customers.  Right now they have 2 shop spec bikes available for sale including The Canal Runner which uses our Quiver as the foundation for the build and The Gowanus Scraper which is built using the disc ready Handsome Cycles Shop Bike frameset.

718 Cyclery Canal Runner - http://www.718c.com/#!718-cs-gowanus-runner/c1dku


Handsome Cycles Shop Bike



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