Revolights City Wheels Compatibility

We met the crew at Revolights a few years ago when we were exhibitors at the SF Bike Expo in San Francisco, CA.  Revolights makes a pretty unique lighting system for your bike that is designed to help you see and be seen when you're riding at night.  Their system is designed to mount to your existing wheels and through the use of some LED lights, an accelerometer, magnets and a bit of magic, lights up the LED's on the front and rear of your bike as the wheels are in motion.  It throws off a pretty bright light that helps you see but also makes you very visible to cars when you're on the road.

They successfully launched their company on Kickstarter a few years ago and just recently completed their second successful Kickstarter campaign that funded their new Revolight City Wheels. This package is a complete system that instead of having to figure out how to mount their light to your existing wheels, can simply get slapped on your bike and away you go.

A while back the guys from Revolights reached out to us to pick up an Eastside for their demo fleet and had no problem lacing up their lights to our deep dish wheels.  Today we had a customer reach out to us to ask about how the Revolights City Wheels worked with our Eastside bike and our friends over there gave us this helpful tip.  

The Revolights City Wheels will certainly fit just fine on the Eastside, however, the LED Rings are only spaced apart far enough to shine fully past tires up to 25mm in width (700c x 25). Tires larger than 25mm simply start to block some of the headlight. You should be just fine if you replace the 28mm tires with 25mm tires. 

Check out for more info on this cool product.



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