Fyxation 2020 Bikes: Better Late than Never

2020 has been a wild year for many obvious reasons. While many people are sheltering in place and unfortunately, many are sick or worse, we remain healthy and our small family run business is still kicking. For us however, the effects of COVID on our business started in early January with production delays in Asia. We always order our Spring bikes at the end of the year and expect them to arrive in February/March. Unfortunately, our factory was shut down from January 1st - March 15th due to local restrictions caused by COVID. Once the factories got up and running it took a long time for staff to come back to work and for production to fully ramp back up. Well we're happy to report that production is cranking again and our new bikes are on the way. They are late, but still coming!

Here is a quick preview of our 2020 bike line-up and estimated arrival times for all our new bikes. We are taking pre-orders on our website now for all these bikes and due to the unprecedented demand for bikes right now, we expect all these shipments to sell out by the time they arrive. Not trying to pressure y'all, but if you want a Fyxation bike in the Summer/Fall of 2020, you might want to load up the cart and submit that order.

Fyxation 2020 Pixel - New Colors


Eastside X - New Colors

Third Ward - 3 Speed Step Through City Bike - NEW MODEL

Comet Track Bike - NEW MODEL

Pixel 7 and Pixel 1 - NEW MODEL AND COLORS

  • Colors: Black and Tan, Olive Green
  • ETA: August 15, 2020



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