Fyxation Expands Carbon Adventure Fork Line-up with Two New Forks

We are pleased to announce the introduction of two new versions of our popular Sparta carbon all road fork. The new Sparta FCR (Full Carbon Race) and Sparta QR (Quick Release) are in stock now and available at your local Fyxation dealer and at fyxation.com.

12/19/2018 - Fyxation Expands Carbon Adventure Fork Line-up with Two New Forks

Available For Immediate Release: Fyxation Bicycle Company announced today the release of two new Carbon fiber adventure forks to expand their growing Sparta carbon fork line-up. The two new forks, the Sparta FCR (Full Carbon Race) and Sparta QR (Quick Release) are available now at local stocking Fyxation dealers and at fyxation.com.

The Sparta carbon fiber adventure fork was first introduced in 2017 and was designed as an upgrade for Fyxation's 4130 chromoly Quiver Disc frame. The concept was simple, to create a versatile carbon fiber fork with mounts to allow riders to drop weight off their bikes while adding the versatility of fender and cargo mounts. Flat mount brake standard and a choice of 12 or 15mm thru axle are integral to the original Sparta fork.  While the Sparta was designed to improve performance of their own frames, the versatility of the fork made a compelling upgrade for many gravel and cyclocross frames. Fyxation added a 1 1/8" x 1 1/2" tapered Sparta in early 2018 to further expand the compatibility with other frames.

"We realized early on that the versatility of the Sparta would fill the needs of many riders, but the adoption across so many models has been exciting to see," said Nick Ginster, co-founder of Fyxation Bicycle Company. "The Sparta was exactly what people were looking for and allows many riders to upgrade their existing bike with a lightweight and versatile carbon fork with gear mounts, thru axle and flat mount brake standard. We have customers all around the world using Spartas on their Salsas, Surlys, Lynskeys, Konas... you name it. We continue to expand our list for the number of frames that are compatible with our Sparta fork and we're finding new ones every day."

The two new additions to the Sparta fork line-up opens up the Sparta to a much larger audience. First up, the Sparta QR takes the original 1 1/8" aluminum straight steerer carbon fiber Sparta fork and makes it compatible with 9mm QR hubs. This greatly expands the Sparta’s reach to a host of road, gravel and cross frames that use a QR front wheel/hub. The Sparta QR retails for $299.

The Sparta FCR is a full carbon version of the Sparta that weighs in at only 500g and comes packed with features. Fyxation updated the original Sparta design, and the Sparta FCR now features triple gear cage mounts for more bottle placement options and compatibility with the Salsa Anything Cage. They also added internal Dynamo routing to give clean wire routing when running a Dynamo Hub. The final upgrade on the Sparta FCR is their new thru axle design which features a removable lever on the axle that gives riders the ability to remove the lever for lower weight and a cleaner look, or keep it on for access to a 5mm hex wrench at the end of the lever. The Sparta FCR retails for $420.

Here's a quick image gallery of our new Sparta QR and Sparta FCR forks. Enjoy!



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