Fyxation Open Omnium - Race 1 Bayview Classic

Fyxation Open Omnium - Race 1 Bayview Classic

The 2016 Fyxation Open Omnium is underway! With stage one in Milwaukee complete and initial points secured anticipation for racing in Lake Bluff and Chicago in Illinois is mounting. We are honored to have hosted this event in Milwaukee and the fan and rider response was amazing. 

Fyxation Open Omnium Race 1 Bayview Wisconsin

We'll be posting a full race recap early this week, but while before we begin our recovery let's get into some race highlights from the Bayview Classic. 

Many of the riders who were in town for the Tour of Americas Dairyland didn't have their track bikes in tow so Fyxation quickly build up a fleet of six race bikes to loan to visiting riders. We're proud to say that three of the four 1st place finishes were aboard the Fyxation Eastside, which is fitting because the final day of racing took place on Milwaukee's Eastside, our workhorse steel track bikes' namesake.

The women started out the Omnium with race 1 in Milwaukee's Bayview neighborhood. This seven turn criterium course was the most challenging of the series with riders navigating long straightaways and near 180 degree turns. Riders battled for position over the entire race but in the end Ash Duban of Affinity Cycles was able to held enough in reserve to sprint for the win. 


1st - Ash Duban (Affinity Cycles)

2nd - Erika Schwank (State Bicycle Co.)

3rd -Beth Franklin (Second Chance p/b Zubaz)

The men immediately followed up the women's race with action that was fast and thrilled the crowds. Riders pushed their bikes and bodies to the limits as they navigated the city streets to cheering spectators. 

After just a few laps several packs formed with the lead group including several Red Hook Crit veterans. Riders in each group battled hard and traded positions throughout the race. In the end, Milwaukee's own Nate Labecki took the top spot with Josh Tyrell and Erin Young following close behind. 


1st - Nate Labecki (Giant Racing)

2nd - Josh Tyrell (State Bicycle Co.)

3rd - Erin Young (Second Chance p/b Zubaz)


Fyxation Co-founder Nick Ginster Doing What he Loves

No Caption Needed

Milwaukee PD Clocked Our Race At Almost 40MPH


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