Gates Pedal Straps - 10 Year Anniversary Edition

It's hard to believe it but Fyxation just turned 10. We've been so slammed with summer and getting our 2020 line of bikes and gear ready that we haven't really taken time out to celebrate this milestone, but it's better late than never.

To celebrate our 10th year around the sun, we plan on a few year 10 or "X" releases over the next few months. First up on the docket is an amazing new refresh of our Gates pedal strap line up with the introduction of 9 new hot colors.

When we first launched Fyxation, we were really focused heavily into to urban cycling and most specifically, fixed gear riding. Fixed gear bikes had always been around but in 2009 this style of bikes started to become a bit more mainstream. The same year that we launched a number of companies launched all with the focus of making fixed gear parts, frames and bikes more affordable and available for the masses.

Our original focus as a company was parts and in 2009 we introduced the world to Fyxation with the introduction of the Session 700 tire. After the Sessions, we launched some additional parts/accessories and in 2010 we introduced our Gates pedal line up. The Gates pedal was a huge success and riders immediately starting asking us which pedal straps were compatible with our pedals. Brands like Holdfast, YNOT, Burro and a few others were just introducing their product and while they all worked with the Gates pedal, we wanted to introduce our own pedal strap that was designed to work with the Gates pedal but also improve upon some of the existing products on the market.

We launched the Gates pedal strap in 2011 as an easy to adjust pedal strap made from durable materials and with extra thick webbing that helped our straps keep their shape. This project was especially exciting for us because we were able to make the straps by hand here in Milwaukee which was the first domestically produced product from Fyxation. Here it is 2019 and our Gates pedal straps are still one of our best selling products. We've sold 10's of thousands of these straps and our popular pedal strap kits are being ridden daily by thousands of riders around the globe. 

To celebrate our 10th year, we've added 9 new colors to the Gates pedal strap collection. These straps are proudly made right here in Milwaukee and while they're great for fixed gear riding and FGFS, they are also a great pedal for commuting and everyday riding. We hope you enjoy the new color options and stay tuned for other "X" product releases over the next year.


Fyxation Crew

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