Introducing The Sixer: Six Pack Of Fyxation Gates Pedals

Our Gates pedals were first introduced 6 years ago on January 10, 2011. What started off as a simple idea to build a quality, affordable and colorful platform has grown into one of our most popular products. Since then, tens of thousands of Gates pedals have been sold and riders all over the world are using Gates pedals on their rides. 

Grab a Sixer

To celebrate 6 years of the Gates pedals, we're pleased to introduce you to The Sixer. The Sixer is a bulk pack of 6 Gates Platform pedals that was designed with the bike shop in mind. Over the years we've found that bike shops all around the world use the Gates pedal as their go to platform pedal. They've become a fixture in the service department and are the first pedal shops reach for when upgrading a customer's bike, for boxed bike builds that don't ship with any pedals or ones that simply come with cheap throw away pedals.

Packaging Design In Action

Knowing that our customers use the Gates pedal on the sales floor and in the service department, we set out to design a bulk pack of pedals that was easy for mechanics to access but would also look great on the retail floor. 

At Home In Service

Paying homage to our Brew City roots, the Sixer is styled after a craft beer six pack and there are plenty of beer inspired product facts on the packaging. The pedals are Slowly Molded to Perfection, Include Freshly Packed Bearings and have the Highest Quality Spindles. We even include the Fyxation General Warning detailing the positive effects that cycling can have on your life.

The Sixer is available in 2 configurations; The Six Pack Black and The Sampler that includes one each of our pink, red, green, orange, blue and white Gates pedals. Be on the lookout for these at your local bike shop and if you work at a shop, don't forget to load a Sixer in the cart at the end of the day when you're stocking up from your favorite Fyxation distributor.







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February 21, 2017

Can consumers buy the six pack pedal box? What is the cost and what is included? Also, what colors are they? Thank you

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