Lakefront Brewery Custom Fyxation Bikes

There are many reasons why Fyxation is proud to call Milwaukee home.  In addition to being a great city for cyclists, Milwaukee is home to many local grown businesses that we really feel define the identity of our city and are brands that people across the region and country are now discovering. Lakefront Brewery is one such business.

Lakefront Brewery was founded in 1987 by two brothers from Milwaukee (so was Fyxation by the way) that had a passion for beer. They were one of the first micro-breweries in a world that now has thousands of them. They make excellent beer right here in the Riverwest neighborhood in Milwaukee and over the years they've grown into a huge brewery with distribution across the country and internationally.  They are also home to a legendary brewery tour and one of the best Friday night fish fries in town that is known for them that of course includes music by local polka bands.

Lakefront story from their website

We've had the honor of getting to know the guys at Lakefront and over the last few years we've done a few custom bike collaborations with them to help promote their brand and beer. Recently they reached out to us to design their latest custom bike that they planned on using for promotions with their bar, restaurant and retail store customers and they wanted us to come up something truly unique.

We designed a few mock ups for them and they finally decided on this amazing Lakefront branded drop bar singlespeed. Stocked with all Fyxation parts and with just the right amount of Lakefront branding, this yellow Lakefront bike is definitely one of our favorite custom bikes.

We provide all of our custom bike customers with studio shots and lifestyle shots of their bikes so they can use them for marketing and promotion. The location we chose for the lifestyle shots for Lakefront was a no brainer and we camped out in front of their brewery right here in Riverwest for a quick photo shoot. Pictures are below. Enjoy!









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