Meet the Pixel 3!

We are super excited to introduce our latest bike, the Pixel 3 Speed. Like the original Pixel single speed, the Pixel 3 has simple styling and adds an incredibly easy to use Shimano Nexus 3 speed internal gear hub. An internal gear hub means your shifting is protected from the elements for reliable and smooth gear changes. The hub also allows for gear changes when your at a stop, so if you roll up to a stop sign in the wrong gear, just twist the shifter to get you rolling out in the right gear.

We love single speeds over here at Fyxation but there are certain times where having gears is a must and the Pixel 3 gives you those gears without sacrificing the clean fixed gear look we're known for. This bike is great for the city and beyond and is a great addition to the Fyxation bike family.

The Pixel 3 is in stock now in Matte Black and Matte Green in 4 sizes and retails for only $399. Head over to our website or your local Fyxation dealer to see these great bikes.

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