Fyxation Customs: Milwaukee Flag Bike

Milwaukee Flag Bike in front of Milwaukee Art Museum

Where is the bike now?

The flag bike will be moving around Milwaukee in 2017 and is currently at Central Standard in Walker's Point!

Every custom bike we design is a chance for us to display our creativity by working with the bicycle as our canvas. This latest custom bike is one of our favorites to date and we hope you agree. We're pleased to introduce you to our latest custom bicycle project; designed for the City of Milwaukee and the new Milwaukee flag. Meet the custom Fyxation Milwaukee Flag Bike. 

About The New Milwaukee Flag

Called “Sunrise Over the Lake” and designed by Robert Lenz, the new Milwaukee Flag is the result of a city-wide design initiative. The purpose of which was to inspire Milwaukeeans to design a new symbol for the city, a symbol that changes the narrative of Milwaukee. The strength of “Sunrise Over the Lake” is that it looks forward to a new day; symbolized by the sun rising over Lake Michigan.

Fyxation Customs: Custom bike for Milwaukee FlagAccording to Greater Together, the group that spearheaded the design initiative, The Milwaukee Flag Initiative challenged the creative community, educators, and the community at large to visualize a new flag for Milwaukee. A flag focused on where we are going and what we want Milwaukee to become. The aspiration was to challenge applicants to use the opportunity to engage in dialogue about a future where everyone can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.”

Milwaukee flag sunrise bike


As a company founded in Milwaukee by two local brothers, we were drawn to this design and made the decision to support the initiative with a truly unique custom bicycle.

 Fyxation custom bicycle; Milwaukee flag bike

Nick Ginster, co-founder of Fyxation was quoted as saying, “As a company that is headquartered in  Milwaukee and is constantly evaluating and pushing design we immediately fell in love with the new Milwaukee flag. As a symbol, with unity and a bright future at it’s center, the new design sends a clear and powerful message about Milwaukee to both residents and visitors alike. A world class flag is an important visual symbol for any great city. The simplicity of the design and rich symbolism got our gears spinning and it was only natural for us to express our support the best way we knew how, to design a bike around it!”

Milwaukee flag bike by Fyxation

The Fyxation flag bike was designed by Fyxation's own Tim Reddington, then hand masked and painted with precision by Wisconsin based painter Ryan Hovde of Velovas. The design uses the rich colors of the new Milwaukee flag with the lake below and sky above which are separated by the three blue stripes representing Milwaukee’s three rivers and three founders. We placed the entire flag distinctly below the seat and if you look closely below the chain we proudly replaced Designed in Milwaukee, which appears on our other original bike designs, with Designed for Milwaukee.

Designed for Milwaukee; Fyxation custom flag bike


We plan to rotate the bike through different local venues throughout 2017. To find out more about this or other custom bikes by Fyxation visit fyxationcustoms.com

Milwaukee Flag Bike


  • Robert

    Great work! Count me in for one of these. I’m in need of a new bike very soon!

  • Brady

    This should be a design choice online, was a bit disappointed it wasn’t.

  • Cameron

    This bike, speechless! You incorporated Bob’s design SO well. Really wanting this bike now. Truly design for Milwaukee :D

  • Jacob Kaad

    Why is this bike not being sold as a color scheme? This is beautiful and awesome and needs to be entered into the paint options for purchase. Please (and if not how much for me to buy it?). Also it would be really cool for you guys to support the Milwaukee Torrent soccer club and make a bike for them (maybe a series with some of the proceeds going to the Torrent Foundation?).

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